Nkunga Kenya

Country Background

Although Kenya is the biggest and most advanced economy in east and central Africa, and has an affluent urban minority, it has a Human Development Index (HDI) of 0.519, ranked 145 out of 186 in the world. Nkunga is a poor community occupying 3 square kilometers on the edge of the Mount Kenya Forest in the centre of Kenya. The land is hilly with thick brush and very stony volcanic soil. Agriculture is the only means of livelihood. There is no health centre and people have to walk 5 km for medical services.

Project Objectives

Since 2005, in partnership with Highfield Church Southampton, FH have been working in Nkunga. The vision of the project is for the holistic transformation of the community and its people, so that they are progressing towards their God-given potential. FH is focusing on the churches, leaders and families in order to restore broken relationships and build their capacity to be agents of change in their community and to respond to each others needs in a sustainable way.


Achievements have included the following:

  • Training on drought resistant farming to improve diet and maximize land use.
  • Introducing Toggenburg goats which produce better quality milk and meat to improve the local goats. Local community members have also been trained in constructing sheds, rearing goats, cross-breeding and nutrition.
  • Both the nursery and primary schools have seen increased enrollment. Classrooms and equipment have been improved and water tanks and latrines built. New after school clubs have been developed in drama, poetry, dancing, farming and others. An education club called "Pamaoja Tumaweza" (Together We Can) has promoted leadership and self-esteem.
  • Activities have addressed health issues in the community. Regular health checks and feeding programmes have been initiated for children in partnership with the primary school. Health and hygiene education has been carried out for new mothers and an Anti-Aids club established to improve awareness and reduce stigma.
  • Self-help groups and income generating associations have increased income for families in a sustainable way.
  • FH have helped the community manage a water project to improve access to water and reduce health and sanitation issues.

FH seek to tackle root causes of poverty addressing physical and spiritual poverty until the change created can be sustained. Supported by Highfield Church, the Nkunga community has made measurable progress since 2005 such that within the next couple of years FH will be able to exit the community. A graduation event to praise God and celebrate the transformation that has happened is scheduled for 2017.