Maisha Bora Kenya

Country Background

Kenya's population is approximately 45 million. 48% of the rural population has no access to clean water and 1.5 million Kenyans are living with HIV/AIDs. Maisha Bora is a village close to Isiolo in the centre of the country. The community is ethnically diverse and has relied on casual labour for survival. The community originated when travellers migrated from northern Kenya to escape violence. Maisha Bora means "Better Life."

Project Objectives

Supported by SDL Foundation, FH has been working in Maisha Bora since 2008, seeking to help the community lift themselves out of abject poverty in a sustainable way.


Examples of activities the project is delivering include child-health, access to education and creating employment opportunity for adults.

  • Health screening and de-worming programmes have improved children's health considerably. Life skills' training has been given to those living with HIV/AIDS. Training and sensitization meetings have been given to address drug and substance abuse. Water tanks have been built in the primary school to give access to clean water.
  • In terms of education, parents and leaders have been engaged in drive to improve school attendance. A new primary school has been established in partnership with the government. Clubs have supported the most vulnerable children to build their self-esteem and promote the value of education. Prize giving, after-school clubs, scholarships for the most needy have reinforced this.
  • Groups focused on Leadership, self-help and IGAs (income generating activity) have all been promoted to encourage community members to support one another and to develop their own sources of income and increase resilience.