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Burundi Widow Becomes Inspiring Example to Others

Karensa is a 57-year-old widow with five children. She and her children live in a small home with hardly any furniture. Karensa struggled to provide enough food for her children and keep them healthy.

Fortunately, supporters like you equipped FH to serve in Karensa’s community. We implemented the care group model, in which FH staff members train a group of community members on topics such as health and nutrition. These members then go on to teach their neighbors these lessons. Karensa was eager to learn and found that she enjoyed teaching. After working side by side with FH staff for several months, she is now a care group leader!

Karensa now trains up to 15 other women in her community about proper health, hygiene, and nutrition habits. She takes great pride in her new role. Not only is she making a difference in the lives of others in her community, but she is also implementing these lessons in her own home. Because of the support of friends like you, Karensa’s family is healthier and happier. And she has become a shining example in her community!


Sponsored Child in Uganda Has Hope for a Brighter Future

Meet Shamim. She is a bright and hard-working child in Uganda. She is also a sponsored child. Through support from FH and her sponsorship, Shamim has changed the course of her life. With the educational opportunities she received in her community because of supporters like you, and with the encouragement of her sponsor, Shamim finished her secondary education and is now enrolled in vocational training! This is an incredible accomplishment, especially for young women in her community. Shamim recently shared some special words of gratitude with her UK sponsor. 

“Greetings in Jesus’ name. I am very excited to write a letter to you. I started a tailoring course this year at Hassana Vocational Institute. I am learning how to cut garments and sew them. I will be finishing the course next year. I have a plan of opening my [own] fashion center around my community. I also hope to employ others to help me. Thank you for your unending support — God bless you.”

This is the kind of change you make possible with your support. Together, we seek to give the poorest children an opportunity to build a future and instill hope for themselves, their families and their communities.

We are so proud of Shamim and look forward to seeing the great things she will accomplish!


Kenyan Family Improves Health Through Sanitation Project

In Margaret Lepile’s community in Marsabit County, Kenya, families did not have proper sanitation and hygiene facilities. Instead, they relied on open defecation. During the day, Margaret and her family tried to find defecation sites roughly 500m from their home, to avoid contaminating their living area. However at night, they had to rely on sites right outside their door. Not only is it dark, but for women, it can be very dangerous to wander alone at night. 

As a result of this sanitation method, members of the Lepile family often suffered from diarrhea and typhoid. They spent most of their time seeking care in the hospital. Sadly, as a single mother, what little income Margaret made always went towards medical bills. Thankfully, friends like you joined us in implementing hygiene and sanitation project.

Families like the Lepile’s were educated on proper sanitation and hygiene practices. They were also trained on how to construct latrines using locally available materials. After constructing latrines, they learned proper latrine use and hand washing methods. 

Margaret and her children no longer experience frequent illness. And instead of using most of her income on medical care, Margaret can now afford food and school fees for her children.

“We did not know how poor sanitation and hygiene contributes to diseases. We are very happy to FH for initiating this program in our village!

Margaret now sees a village free from preventable diseases and a bright future for her family.

Excited to see more changes in the lives of the most vulnerable in Africa? We are too — learn more ways to join us in our work.

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