Why We Are Unique

Food for the Hungry differs from other humanitarian organizations in the following ways:

Partnering With The Poor

We acknowledge that impoverished people have good ideas and valuable knowledge for solving their own problems. We partner with poor communities to find solutions and local resources, so they are invested in projects.

Helping Children Involves A Community

We believe that helping a child involves the empowerment of their community. Parents and churches influence and build ties with children that last a lifetime. We work with communities to help all areas of a child's life become healthy. Through this work, parents and churches learn about income generation, water, nutrition and more. Children learn from their parents. The entire community learns to overcome poverty. We call this community transformation.

Cascade Model - Social Networking

To make your gifts go further, we use a cascade model in working with impoverished communities. It's effective because it's sustainable. When one FH staff teaches 15 groups of men or women, these men or women teach an additional 10 families each. Through social networking, a community receives important health or farming information for increased health and survival. One staff can reach 1,680 people in this way.

Vision-Driven Work

Food for the Hungry focuses efforts on the vision of transforming communities to make them better places for children to grow up. Instead of being funding or program driven, we stay on course by focusing on community transformation and emergency relief.

Partners Like You

People like you also make us different from other organizations. Through your own area of influence, talents and gifts, you help FH to have operations in more than 20 countries worldwide.