Give to our Syria appeal for education today and DOUBLE ITS IMPACT!


We have all seen the heart wrenching photos and heard the rhetoric that inspires fear, anger and distrust against Syrians who are fleeing their homes and creating a global crisis of epic proportions. Horrific human rights abuses have been reported, including public executions, beheadings and the use of chemical weapons against civilians.

Before Syria’s brutal war started in 2011, more than 22 million people called that nation their home. It is estimated that 3% of those have now died, 37% have fled leaving everything behind and 60% remain internally displaced – trapped in a dangerous country devastated by fighting.

The struggles of this conflict impact most heavily on children. Whilst everyone is exposed to the violence and its consequences, children are most vulnerable to health risks, abuse and exploitation. They can no longer pursue an education, which may set back their development for years – affecting not only their lives, but the lives of future generations.

More than half of all Syrian refugees and displaced are under the age of 18. Many have been out of school for years. These children have lost their homes, schools, friends and even families. They will be frightened, confused and angry.

A very generous donor has agreed to match every pound we raise towards our emergency relief work through this appeal up to £10,000. That is a potential £20,000 that we can use to help some of the most vulnerable people in the world. Please will you give today and help us reach this goal?


In partnership with the Integral Alliance and the Lebanese Society for Education and Social Development (LSESD) we can provide educational assistance and child-friendly safe spaces, as well as food, shelter and hygiene kits.

Four years ago, Rasmia and her family fled for their lives to Lebanon from Aleppo. They hope one day to return home, but in the meantime, they live in a temporary house made of plywood and tarpaulin.

Two of Rasmia’s children attend their settlements ‘tent school’ which is hosted by a local church and which Food for the Hungry helps to fund through their partners on the ground. The school aims to teach basic literacy to refugee children who have never received schooling. *(Names have been changed to protect identity)

The church now hosts 70 similar schools throughout their location. All of them are so busy that they need to have classes in two shifts, and are looking to add in a third. The classes follow a Syrian school curriculum and are taught by refugees who are teachers.

Alongside the tent schools, Food for the Hungry partner with three church based teams inside Syria who run child friendly spaces for children living in the conflict affected areas to learn and play. These teams are made up of young men and women who made the difficult decision to stay and help.

Your generous donation today will help to ensure these schools continue to provide an education to children whose lives, through no fault of their own, have been turned upside down.

Here are some examples of how your donations will be used;

  • £20 provides a child with schoolbooks for one academic year.
  • £25 gives a child a mattress and blanket so they can get enough rest to be able to learn and not sleep on the cold ground.
  • £30 provides supplementary food for a refugee family for one month to help ensure the children are strong both physically and mentally.
  • £40 will pay for a child to attend school for 1 month.
  • £60 provides hygiene items for 1 refugee family for 1 month to help keep sickness and disease away so that the children are healthy enough to go to school.


Thank you.