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Gaston’s Story of Health, Healing and Hope in Burundi 

In Burundi, millions of children suffer from preventable diseases, including intestinal worms. Children like Gaston. Gaston had to stop attending school because he was so weak and couldn’t eat. His mother felt helpless and Gaston was afraid he might die. Fortunately, generous supporters like you shipped deworming medication so FH and Burundi’s Ministry of Health could distribute the medicine to every child in the country. FH also provided clean water and sanitation training to families. Gaston’s life has transformed and he now has hope for a brighter future. He can play, go to school and eat the food his mother cooks for him. Watch his story of health, healing and hope!


Ugandan Wife Becomes Thriving Farmer and Head of Household

Edith is a farmer, wife and mother of three children in Uganda. Her husband Richard had to leave their community in order to find work as a teacher. However, he works hard to send home the modest wage he earns. But his absence means Edith had to become the head of the household, which includes farming three acres of land and taking care of their children on her own. This put a lot of pressure on her to make sure enough crops were grown to feed her children and sell in the market for income. Edith struggled to do both.

When FH began walking alongside her community, she became a participant in FH’s nutrition education programme. She learned about the need for a diverse diet for her three children. And she learned improved agricultural techniques, such as post-harvest handling methods that allowed her to cut down on wastage and store her produce safely. Storing her crops in air-tight, plastic or steel containers enabled Edith to extend the life of the harvest until market prices were higher, netting her a higher profit.  

She now has enough money to buy more varieties of vegetables to feed her children and reinvest money into her business. She is also able to pay into a savings scheme to cover future medical needs. Thanks to the support of friends like you, Edith has become a thriving head of household and is providing a brighter future for her children!


Clean Water Project Helps Single Mother Provide for Family in Kenya

Sadia Halkano is a hardworking, single mother in the community of Borana in Marsabit County, Kenya. She owns a small grocery business in town and earns enough income to provide her children with food, clothing, education expenses and medical services. Despite Sadia’s hard work and thriving business, she faced an insurmountable challenge in her community — access to clean water. The pipeline that carried the community’s only water source to the main access point had become so dilapidated that much of the water leaked out. This resulted in high demand for the water and fighting between community members. 

Sadia would spend over eight hours waiting in line to get water, but never had the guarantee that there would be any left for her. Spending this much time in line meant she didn’t have time to take care of her children, carry out household chores, or run her business, which meant a loss of income.

With your help, and alongside other partners, FH began working in Sadia’s community to restore access to clean water. FH rehabilitated the dilapidated pipeline and constructed a raised steel tank to improve distribution pressures. Additionally, a pre-paid water metering system was installed to enhance accountability and equity for all community members. 

Sadia now only spends an hour waiting in line to receive clean water, which is always guaranteed. 

“My income has increased and therefore I’m able to pay school feels for my daughter Mary,” she said. “The rehabilitation works and the installation of a prepaid metering system was timely. I thank FH for this initiative.”

Excited to see more changes in the lives of the most vulnerable in Africa? We are too — learn more ways to join us in our work.

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